Yoga is a wonderful and effective way to bring greater ease to your daily life.


The practice, which includes movement, breathing, and relaxation techniques, will invite greater tone, flexibility, strength, and balance into your body while teaching you how to identify tension and stress and begin to release it.


Yoga is much more than just physical exercise.


It will meet you where you are and as you are and guide you towards that which serves you best,  be it improved physical condition, mental and emotional equilibrium, enhanced ability to cope with stress or any combination of these. Yoga can help you become more present for each moment of your life. It is not a religion; rather it is an ancient system of self-care. Though it can be a deeply spiritual practice if you so choose, it is compatible with any religious belief system.


The best way to understand Yoga and how it can benefit you it is to begin its practice.


You do not have to be any particular age, shape, or fitness/flexibility level to enjoy a satisfying and beneficial Yoga practice!  Spectrum Yoga offers gentle to moderate Yoga and Yogabilities™  classes that allow exploration of Yoga postures, flows, and breathing practices along with meditation and relaxation techniques.


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